How To Find Freedom From Alcohol Without Stress, Shame, or Relapse: Your 16-Week Blueprint 

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In this training you will learn how to...

Change your life WITHOUT inconvenient and time consuming treatment 

Practice skills to enable you to navigate social situations and manage cravings

Begin creating sustainable, long lasting life changes that will enhance your quality of life 

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Important Disclaimer: 

Please note that testimonials on the website in no way reflect your results and are only used to show the potential in the Counseling With A Twist Program. We cannot guarantee any outcomes and there are no magic cures. Your results may vary drastically based on a multiplicity of factors such as (but not limited to): your willingness to engage in the therapeutic process, sit with being uncomfortable, communicate, and use all of skills at your disposal to stay sober. If you are not willing to put in the honest work and effort then this program is not right for you. If it is determined that you are not a good fit for this program you may be referred to a higher level of care to accommodate your specific needs.

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